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Dr. Samantha Masters

Tracy Rabaiotti

Ilaria Marchesi




Stevie English Hair

Genesys Australia

Lynette Jensen Collection



The Brick Classicists Empire (BCE) is incredibly grateful to our sponsors and supporters through PATREON and our corporate sponsors to who help fund the BCE projects and exhibitions! Without your kind financial support we would not be able to continue to develop the BCE project that aims to reach everyone interested in ancient history throughout the world.
All funds gathered from individuals and through corporate sponsorship help us put more of our time into the BCE Classical outreach projects. This includes Brick Classicists (Minifigure) Portraits of  Classical academics and others, Classical themed exhibitions using LEGO Minifigures for institutions, such as the British School at Athens, hosting social media events like International LEGO Classicism Day, presenting awards to those who make a significant difference to the accessibility of Classical studies, such as Prof. Michael Scott and Natalie Haynes, through the Brick Classicist of the Year Awards, and developing new pop-culture Classical reception study resources for the new generation of Classicists in the contemporary mindset of inclusion.
If you are an individual and would like to join in on the BCE and help our outreach projects, check out our PATREON page and support us for as little as $1 USD a month. All supports get full credit on the website and in future exhibition programs.
For corporate donations, please email us at and we can discuss how you would like to support our work.


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