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The BCE Awards

The Brick Classicist of the Year award is given out annually on International Lego Classicism Day. The award is given to an existing member of the Brick Classicists Empire or BCE (previously Lego Classicists) who shows great dedication to opening up Classical study and the ancient world to all of the community and creating a more inclusive engagement. 


As with all of the BCE, these awards are a playful yet serious homage to the people who show great dedication to showing us how important the ancient world is to us all and how it is connected to our present.

Brick Classicist of the Year


2023: Natalie Haynes

2022: Prof. Michael Scott

2021: Dr. Donna Zuckerberg

2020: Prof. John Bennet

2019: Dr. Stéphanie-Anne Ruatta

2018: Michael Turner FSA FLS​

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