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Welcome to the BCE’s Classics In Pop research project, a new resource for the use of classical reception study, that focusses on ancient world inspiration and reference in popular culture. The collection includes:


  • Physical format DVD collection of films and TV 

  • Comic Book research archive 

  • Cinema Poster archive 

  • Full digital catalogue of all ancient history inspired toys produced by the LEGO Group


The Classics In Pop research project of libraries and archives is funded by the generous supporters of the BCE and will be available to everyone who is studying the use of Pop culture within ancient history so please contact us at to find out more.


The Classics in POP Collections:

Classics in LEGO Catalogue

A full digital catalogue documenting all LEGO System Sets, Minifigures, Accessories and Bricks that have an ancient history inspired theme and his is an ongoing process.

The BCE DVD Library

A physical format library of currently over 100 movies and TV shows all inspired by ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian history, including live action, animation and silent cinema. This Library is in honour of Dr. Craig Barker of the University of Sydney who has a great passion for the creative use of ancient history in cinema and television and Prof. Michael Scott at the University of Warwick who was inspired to become involved in classics when he watched the 1971 film The Trojan Women.

The Classics in Comics Archive

Physical format archive of the widely popular American comic book, particularly through the superhero narrative and its use of classical and ancient world themes in fictional visual/written storytelling. Its aim is to collect together and catalogue as many physical ancient world related comic books as possible for academic scholarship.


The Classics in Cinema Posters Archive

An archive of cinema posters to add of classical inspired films to complement the DVD Library. These posters can provide a greater understanding how we engage with the ancient world through cinema. Through viewing the posters, especially as a group, much can also be read visually about the nature of the culture and times that produced them, through the use of colour, style of artwork, subject matter chosen, and the thematic ideas that lie behind them.


Roman Emperor, Series 9 - Profile.jpg
Spartan Warrior, Series 2 - Profile.jpg
Medusa, Series 10 - Profile.jpg
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