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CEO of the Hellenic Museum, Australia


BCE #139

Sarah Craig is CEO and Head of Curation at the Hellenic Museum, Melbourne Australia.

Ms. Craig trained in Archaeology and Sociology at Monash University and Art Curatorship at The University of Melbourne. She has worked as a curator at the Hellenic Museum since 2014 and following her service as Head Curator and Manager of Curation, she was appointed CEO and Head of Curation in 2020.

The Hellenic Museum is Australia’s only museum dedicated to celebrating the impact of Hellenism and its collection showcases the importance of the Greek world and experience from ancient to modern times. There is a large, proud and active Greek community in Australia whose culture has done much to inform and influence modern Australian life, just as it has across the world.

Sarah Craig was inducted into the BCE as the special LEGO® Portrait for International Lego Classicism Day on the 20th February 2023 and The Hellenic Museum was also the official host on the day, helping to celebrate the ancient world and its legacy with LEGO and the fun and joy it brings!

Artist’s Note: With this portrait, I had the pleasure of working with Sarah directly through email correspondence and was able to get a good feel for her personality. Through this I was able to get a clear sense of her uncompromising style and professionalism while she clearly still has a strong sense of serious play so I designed a torso to specifically match her double-breasted suits with a tear-drop neckless.


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