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The Lego Classics Pantheon 2023

This page is dedicated to everyone who officially participated in International Lego Classicism Day, ILCD, as the Lego Classics Pantheon on the 20th of February, 2023.
Since 2020, each year on ILCD the Brick Classicists Empire or BCE (previously Lego Classicists) invites up to 12 institutions, academics and individuals of all ages, called the Lego Classics Pantheon (LC Pantheon), to create official content for the day across social media platforms.
Through this LC Pantheon the aim is to help spread diverse content about the ancient world to a wider, more general audience to help the understanding of how the ancient world is relevant to us all in contemporary life. 

This year the LC Pantheon consisted of people from Greece, South Africa, Netherlands, United Kingdom and it was organised and co-ordinated  from Australia.



List of the LC Pantheon for 2023


The British School at Athens, Greece

Dr. Pippa Steele and the VIEWS Project, University of Cambridge, UK

Dr. Cora Beth Fraser, Hadrian’s Wall Classical Association, UK

Dr. Samantha Masters, Department of Ancient Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa 

Prof. John Bennet, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, UK

Department of Classics & Ancient History, Warwick University, UK

Dr. Helen Forte, Latin teacher and illustrator of the Minimus Latin Books, UK

Prof. Michael Scott, University of Warwick, UK

Robbie Morane-Griffiths, Student Year 7, Dolphin School, Hurst, Berkshire, UK

Spyridoula Magoula and Archaeolife: Archaeology & Art, Greece

Dr. Elke Close, founder of, Netherlands

Thank you to all the Lego Classics Pantheon members for 2023!

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