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Mini Short Sword (Roman Gladius)

Multiple Themes

This sword first appeared with the Gladiator Minifigure as part of the Collectable Minifigures, Series 5, in 2011.

LEGO Group official name for this Minifigure Accessory is "Mini Short Sword" BrickLink has catalogued it as "Roman Gladius"

This Minifigure Accessory has been used in many DC Wonder Woman sets and both Lord Of the Rings and Hobbit sets.

A second style of the Short Sword exists with a slightly thicker hilt that was introduced in 2012.

BrickLink ID No. 18034 (thin hilt) & 95673 (thick hilt) and available colours are: Flat Silver, Pearl Dark Grey, Pearl Gold, Black & White.

LEGO Theme:

Minifigure Accessory

LEGO Type:


Year of Release:

18034, 95673

LEGO Design ID:

BrickLink ID:

18034, 95673




Historical Theme:

Ancient Rome

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